SoA Exam MLC

Jim Daniel's MLC Seminars

I (Jim Daniel) offer 5-day intensive exam-prep review seminars just outside Sacramento (in Davis, CA, with easy access to Berkeley, San Francisco, wine country, and Lake Tahoe) for SoA Exam MLC for student actuaries preparing for the Exam MLC for each exam sitting. Links in the dark green left sidebar and the orange top banner take you to more general information (click on Home) and info on housing, location, pass rates by seminar participants, and other seminars offered.

Take a look at my Austin Study Notes, available to anyone as a free download; you should find some helpful to you in studying for Exam MLC.

Comments by participants.
I've created threads on the popular Actuarial (formerly Rebel) Outpost actuarial discussion site ( and asked former participants in my seminars to post comments there, pro or con. Here are links to the threads for Exam MLC/3 (and old Exam M and old Course 3)

Fees, payment, and registration.
The fee for the face-to-face seminar is $1300. Payment can be made by check or by credit card (processed through PayPal, where you can choose to buy on credit) as indicated on the registration form. Since the seminar sometimes fills up, checks should be mailed for next-day delivery; if an employer is paying and needs time to process payment, I'll reserve the slot if a person with financial authority sends me an e-mail or fax guaranteeing payment by the employer. In any case, please complete a registration form and e-mail it to Jim Daniel.

The seminars.
Jim Daniel's MLC Seminar is a traditional exam-prep intensive seminar. It assumes that participants have already devoted appreciable time to studying the material and are familiar with most of it. The daily format is about 50% fast-paced lecture, 25% my demonstrating problem solving, and 25% participants' working on problems with guidance from me, for five days including a weekend. Review Seminars are usually scheduled six-to-twelve weeks before the exam. [Experimentation has shown that some people prefer "early-bird" seminars 11 or 12 weeks out, while others perfer the more traditional lead time. Already being familiar with the main ideas in much of the material is the key.]
  • Dates. The following link is for registration and payment information on the currently-scheduled Jim Daniel's MLC  Seminars:
    • Just outside Sacramento, CA: 7 - 11 March 2018 for the Spring 2018 exam.
    • Just outside Sacramento, CA: 6 - 12 September 2018 for the Fall 2018 exam (registration form available in April 2018). This of course will be for the new LTAM exam that is replacing MLC. The seminar will run from Thursday through Wednesday, with Sunday off for rest and review, and with six days of lecture and problem solving.
  • Format. Each day's session will consist of:
    • 50% review lectures on the fundamental concepts most often tested
    • 25% demonstrations of problem solving
    • 25% guided practice solving problems
  • Schedule. See the Jim Daniel's MLC Seminar Schedule for a detailed schedule.
  • Materials.
    • Particpants are e-mailed a pdf file of a book of practice problems about a week before the seminar for use in the seminar.
    • Participants should bring to the Seminar the Spring and Fall 2012, Spring and Fall 2013, Spring and Fall 2014, Spring and Fall 2015, Spring and Fall 2016, Spring (and Fall, if released) 2017 SoA Exams for MLC and any more recent released exams (available from a link at along with the SoA's sample questions (and solutions) (both multiple-choice and written-answer) for Exam MLC (available from links on the Syllabus with Learning Objectives/Outcomes and Readings that is itself a link on ). You'll use these practice problems every day at the Seminar, so be sure to bring them daily. Plus lots of scratch paper. Although we'll not use them in the Seminar sessions, I recommend that you bring along for review as needed whatever textbooks or study manuals you are using to prepare for Exam MLC.