Jim Daniel's Actuarial Seminars

Jim Daniel's Seminars:
Review Seminars
for Exams LTAM and STAM

(and occasional Study Notes)


Dr. James W. Daniel, A.S.A., offers review seminars for Exams LTAM and STAM just outside of Sacramento, CA (in Davis, with easy access to Berkeley, San Francisco, wine country, and Lake Tahoe), for each exam sitting.  More information on location, housing, and each seminar can be found by clicking on the links on the dark green left sidebar or the orange top banner.

This site also offers Jim Daniel's Study Notes to help learners prepare for actuarial exams. These are not detailed study manuals full of practice problems, but are brief and FREE study aids written in a learner-friendly style.

Dr. Daniel conducts all LTAM and STAM Seminar activities. The Seminars are a private venture of Dr. Daniel, an academic actuary who was (until his August 2010 retirement from the University) the Director of the Actuarial Studies Program at The University of Texas at Austin, where he is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

Review Seminars are usually scheduled four-to-eight weeks before the exam.

Jim Daniel's Seminars.

Each LTAM or STAM Seminar is a traditional exam-prep intensive seminar. It assumes that participants have already devoted appreciable time to studying the material and are familiar with the main ideas in much of it. The daily format is about 50% fast-paced lecture, 25% Daniel's demonstrating problem solving, and 25% participants' working on problems with guidance from Daniel.